Club Heavy Metal Maniaxe is 80's style of traditional, epic and obscure heavy metal club in Helsinki.

"Open the gates and feel the fire of 80's heavy metal, late 70's hard & heavy rock, NWOBHM, Canadian obscure metal invasion, Italian horror doom, Scandinavian metal assault, Finnish metal defiance, Teutonic metal warrior and speed mania, first wave of American metallers, female metal, doom metal, old school speed and thrash metal and of course the rising forces of worldwide heavy metal underground."

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Until we announce the next
Maniaxe event

Please visit our Facebook pages or check out weekly Heavy Metal Friday playlists on Youtube.

Stay tuned and keep melting your brain with METAL!

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DJ Salamanteri

"Music is my magic and magic is my eye"

-Brocas Helm / Aurelia Manas

DJ Suuret Muinaiset

"Magic forces
Magic energy
Shock power!
Sound n' action
Give me satisfaction
Metal power!

-Trance / Lothar Antoni


Do you have a band or printed / online magazine influenced by traditional, epic, hammering, spell summoning, 70's-80’s Heavy Metal?

Contact us: info(at)


› Club Heavy Metal Maniaxe I - 18.05.2013

› Club Heavy Metal Maniaxe II - 23.08.2013

› Club Heavy Metal Maniaxe III - 01.05.2015

Heavy Metal

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